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Triathlon Training: June 3 & 4, 2023 - Back to the swim group

Nice to get out for my second swim at this great pond with a great group of people. I made it a priority to get back to the pond that I started at the weekend prior. I met members that I had not met yet.

I had company again out to a dock that I did the previous weekend. This time I was much more confident and started to limit how much time I spent on my back. My focus was keeping myself on target.

I started feeling much better about longer swims. It would be a very long journey of improvement. I found that I had to be open to a lot of guidance. I was far from a good swimmer and the group was letting me know it in a positive and supportive way. They shared how they grew as swimmers and triathetes as well. They shared their accomplishments and currrent goals.

On the following day, I forgot what time the group swam. So, I missed swimming with them and had a much shorter swim than I intended. I had hoped to go longer in distance that day. Instead, I had some swimming and socializing near the beach. At least, the swimming that I did do built on my consistency and frequency of getting in open water. It even built on my experience swimming by myself in open water. I was safe with the swim bouy. However, I needed to build the confidence through experience.

I think it is great to be back swimming and be swimming the most that I have ever swam, while in my early 50s. Just like running and biking. Swimming provides the opportunity to vist beautiful locations more often.

I am constantly learning from podcasts and books. I started learning more about triathlon from triathlon specific podcast and books. One of the books was the 80/20 triathlon. As I read and listen, I try to apply what I learn to my training.

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