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Triathlon Training: June 17, 2023

During the week, I was able to get in the pool for 650 meters on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I had a speed workout on the bike for 10 miles, Thursday, I swam 1000 meters to ramp up the indoor swimming and ran 3.2 miles with my friend before the swim. I continued strength training on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Lastly, some easy yoga before bed to wind down on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

On Sunday, June 18 th, there was a little rain this morning but still great to get out and swim. I built on last week’s swim for my longest distance. It is great to build more confidence swimming. I am still at the back of the pack and working on breathing.

It would be good to figure out how the distances are measured. For the Garmin Fenix 6, I have not figured out the accuracy yet. Having a map gives a good idea about the distances.

Tip: If you think you will be on the tail end of the group during the swim. I recommend starting near the front rather than waiting for everyone to go ahead. It may be better than feeling like you need to catch up the entire way.

Later, at home, I biked an 8.5 mile ride. I had been trying to get my speed up close to 18 mph. This ride was 16.6 mph. This ride was a little short but better to get partial rather than none.

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