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Would you like to gain strength? Would you like to train for an event?  Below are ways that I can assist you in achieving what you want.

1. Goals

We will work together to understand what you would like to accomplish and assess fitness, nutrition, cardio respiratory fitness, core stability, posture, balance, flexibility, strength, power, speed, muscle imbalances and endurance. We will review alternate possibilities and update goals if desired outcomes have changed.

2. Plan

We will plan a strategy for achieving your goals using integrated program design and optimum performance training. We can plan for general longevity, events, and to accomplish specific outcomes. The plan may include corrective exercises, working around an injury, or medical condition for a steady progression towards success. The plan will include recovery and injury prevention.  Good nutrition should also be part of the plan. See the Nutritional Coaching page for more information.

3. Action

With the goals and a plan, it is time for action. Here we implement the plan, try to stay on track and adjust along the way. Once goals are accomplished, we can maintain what you have achieved or implement a new plan.

4. Results

We can use MS excel or fitness apps to help you analyze results and make adjustments. Or, I can track the results for you. We can celebrate achievements and update goals.

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