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1. Goals

We can discuss your current nutrition status and review goals for any improvements. This includes reviewing methods for living a long life, staying healthy, and fueling your workouts.  I can share what I have learned and help if any modifications to nutrition goals is needed. Goals may include weight loss, building muscle, becoming leaner, having more endurance, and reducing the possibilities of future illness.

2. Plan

We can create a plan for meeting your nutrition goals. This may include methods for how to shop to have the right food choices around, utilizing available meal plans, providing motivational information, and planning to use available nutrition tracking applications.

3. Action

Here you will set the plan into action and improve as you go. You can track progress along the way and achieve results.

4. Results

We can analyze the results achieved and make adjustments as needed to keep moving towards the goals developed.

Nutrition Coaching

What are your goals? Would you like to lose weight? Would you like to reduce your chances of becoming ill? If you don't have goals or know what they should be, we can work on the creation of goals. Through nutritional coaching, I share knowledge from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and Cornell Center of Nutritional Studies, and other resources to help you meet your desired outcomes. 

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