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Garden Tarp Removal

Preparing the garden at our relatives for growing this year.

We expanded the second portion of the garden at the end of last year, since the trees were shading the first portion more each year.

We had laid down tarps at the end of the growing season in the fall. The tarps help with covering the grass so that it is easier to deal with in the spring.

We picked up the tarps and will prepare the soil and fencing for planting.

We also have the new wood chips to use that we purchased last fall. We learned about a chip drop program that makes use of wood chips that were created from the downing of trees and took advantage with two large chip drop purchases.

The wood chips help provide nutrients to the soil and control weeds. The idea is to replicate the forest floor. The chips also promote slow release of water that is absorbed. Hopefully, this will help with the watering requirements.

The purpose of the swing is so that family members can comfortably supervise our efforts.

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