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April 8, 2023: Marathon Training

Chris and I finished 24 miles this morning.

It was our second attempt at 24 miles after our Providence run a couple of weeks ago that we were not able to complete due to nutrition and hip issues.

This run went perfectly, despite the weather being a little cold again. (I prepared better this time.)

We did not improve on my marathon performance from October 2022. However, this run did equal that pace. Therefore, I am glad we able to accomplish that much. We hit exactly 10:04/mile (10:01 for Cape Cod Marathon) which was our goal pace for the day.

My nutrition went nearly perfect with more natural foods vs gels. I had bananas, figs and dates for fueling and an electrolyte drink.

The run-walk method helped my heart rate stay in check the entire time. We used the 4:1 ratio which went perfectly and worked out well for Chris (reducing the constant stress on the legs and mixing it up)

We were encouraged that we were able to complete the 24 miles this time.

We were hoping for fast recoveries.

This was good preparation for the Providence Marathon in four weeks.

Thank you to Chris for sticking with the plan and sticking together!

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