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Want to help someone? Ask first!

Have you struggled trying to help someone? Have they recoiled from good advice? Unwanted advice could cause a person to feel criticized and hurt them instead of help them.

The lesson that I have learned through personal training, nutrition and financial planning courses is ask first. Ask the individual if they want the help!!

It's a tough one to get in the habit of asking if some wants help. I know. I struggle with that one.

Their response could be "no thank you. I am all set." They could say "sure" in a lukewarm way. Or, they could say "absolutely!"

These responses may provide insight into whether they are in precontemplation, contemplation, action, or maintenance phases, as described by the National Academy of Sports Medicine CPT course.

I can briefly describe. Pre-contemplation means they are not ready for change. Contemplation means they are getting ready for a change. Action means they are ready to act on advice received. And, maintenance means they should keep doing what they are doing, perhaps with adjustments.

Instead of making a large investment of time and energy, consider asking first and determining if your time will be well spent.

Wishing you good returns on your investments when helping others!!

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