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Triathlon Training: July 3 - July 9, 2023

Updated: Apr 7

The Appleman Sprint Triathlon was about three weeks from this weekend. The Cranberry Olympic Triathlon was approximately two months away and the Pilgrimman Half Ironman was about two and a half months away. My goal was to keep building up my experience, especially with the swim.

I spent some time on Tuesday, July 4th swimming close to the shore to work on reducing my head movement. I received some pointers. One pointer was to use a pull buoy in the pool. I mimicked it by hanging my legs on the strap for my swim buoy. I felt the rotation of my body more, since I disengaged my legs.

On Wednesday, July 5th, I rode 16 miles at an average of 16 mph with some good hills.

On Thursday, July 6th, I ran the Charles River along Boston and Cambridge. It was a nice steady pace run.

On Saturday, July 8th, I was back at the pond. We swam 1500 yards in about 30 minutes.

A few of us followed that with a 21 mile bike ride. A couple of them are much older and inspire me to keep active and fit as long as I can. One mentioned that being retired allows time to get much fitter on the bike.

I ran 3 miles off the bike. I did not plan where to go and bushwacked through a small section of woods which slowed me down. It was a good practice triathlon. However, we did not practice fast transitions.

I swam longer on Sunday July 9th to get in as much swimming as I could. There started to be signed of bacteria in the water as temperatures climbed due to the summer heat.

Lastly, I ran 3 miles on Sunday. I worked on some hills close to get my heart rate up. It was a good weekend of training.

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