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Are you waiting for motivation to find you?

Are you waiting for motivation to find you?

Momentum has a way of keeping us moving in the direction we are headed. We must change that direction, if it is not where we want to head.

It's easy to say, "I just have no motivation" as we sit on the coach with the remote in hand. Our momentum does not exist. We are static. We may even take a trip to the kitchen for the chips and drink, if we are watching a game. Not being in the mood to act is common.

Mood follows action! That! We need to understand. Our mood improves after a workout. Our mood improves after a run or walk. We feel better about our problem, if we take action to solve it. Exercise releases endorphins - hormones that trigger positive feelings and relieve stress. Therefore, don't wait for your mood to improve. Take action.

If we create our own motivation by thinking of where we want to go and what we want to be, we will be in a better place than when motivation finds us. It could find us with a health scare, a need for strength when we don't have enough, a need for agility and we fall instead. Or, we could be ready by consistently working towards what we want or need to be to be ready to deal with and accomplish.

Don't wait for motivation to find you. Mood follows action! So, take action now towards your goals and feel your mood improve. Take action now and create momentum in the direction of your success.

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