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Good Health Made Easy by Cheri Boegemann, LMT

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Being healthy these days can seem like a lot of work. For example, exercising: where to exercise, when to exercise, how to exercise. Then there is eating well: reading food labels, buying the right food, cooking healthy. Good health also includes self-care: which means finding some down time, having fun and playing, engaging in a hobby. If you ask someone what would make their life easier they might say: a personal chef, a personal shopper, or having more time, etc. We need help to make our lives easier!

Another way to get help on the path to good health is to work with a personal trainer. A trainer can teach you how to work out, when to workout, what kind of workout you should do and tailor a workout for you. You can try to figure this out on your own but it takes time, and to be efficient and effective it takes knowledge. A personal trainer saves you time and energy. Allowing you to focus on other important things in your life-like family, hobbies or work.

Nutrition also has a direct impact on your overall wellbeing. Having a nutritional coach will enhance your workouts, properly fuel your energy and help keep you healthy. Groth Wellness provides nutritional coaching as well as personal training. That is maximizing your efforts!

What you put in your body matters. Did you know what you put on your body matters too? Your skin can absorb what you put on it and those chemicals will go directly into your bloodstream. Why does that matter to you? Well, because many personal care products and home cleaning products contain harmful ingredients which can end up in your body!

Be mindful of ingredients! Fragrance contains Pthalates linked to birth defects, breast cancer, diabetes, obesity, etc. Butylated Hydroxytoulene (BTH) is toxic to your immune system & is an endocrine disruptor. Glycol is linked to cancer, reproductive issues, neurotoxicity, etc. Unfortunately, the list of toxic ingredients goes on. Did you know that in the over 85,000 chemicals out there the US only bans 11 from being used in the manufacturing of products?! Companies can use just about put whatever they want in their products, whether it is good for you or not. It can be scary to think of what is in all those bottles and tubes on the shelves of our favorite stores. When is the last time you read your shampoo, lotion or toothpaste label? Did you understand the ingredients? No!

So, how do you protect yourself and your family? You can read labels but unless you have an endless amount of time, or are a chemist, it is cumbersome! One simple thing you can do to enhance your health and make your life easier is to shop with a company that makes non-toxic products. Pure haven is the company I trust because they have a full line of products made with no harmful chemicals, especially none of the ones mentioned earlier. Pure haven vows to only use non-toxic ingredients and it will give you peace of mind knowing they will not compromise! Their chemists do the work for you and their products are fresh, clean and safe. All of pure haven’s products are made right in the USA and ship directly to you, making shopping a breeze.

You know you need to exercise, eat right and sleep enough. Now you know you need to watch what you apply to your skin, hair, face and body. This information might be the missing piece to your good health!

If you would like more information or would like to further explore these companies please contact us:

Cheri Boegemann is an independent consultant with pure haven and a licensed massage therapist in Massachusetts. She can be found on Facebook as Cheri Revell Boegemann and emailed at

Cheri Boegemann, LMT

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