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Hi!  I am Scott Groth! I am a certified personal trainer and certified nutrition coach through National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and am certified in plant-based nutrition from T Colin Campbell Center for Nutritional Studies at Cornell University.

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Scott developed a complete body workout plan for me that is challenging and based on current research in exercise science. He pays attention to my needs before a workout begins, even asking my preference for music. He is focused on improving my strength by slightly increasing the weights from the previous week. Sometimes we keep the weights the same. But, he always encourages me to at least try with a "yes you can" approach. His coaching sessions are enjoyable and I have shown improvement.

Marianne S.

I did personal training sessions with Scott from April to December 2023. I am 62 years old and run an average of 70 miles a week, including interval sessions on the track and long runs on the weekend. My initial goal in training with Scott was to increase my overall strength and avoid running-related injuries with a more balanced and holistic approach to fitness. However, I got much more than this out of my sessions with him. Scott was great at motivating me when I initially could only do a limited number of reps with light weights across many different exercises. He knew when to challenge me to do more and when I should be more conservative to avoid injury. Scott would inject stories from his personal experiences to help explain why he felt that I could or should not do something, which made it very easy to understand his point and made me feel that he could relate to what I was experiencing as a relative novice to strength training. It was also very helpful that Scott was training for marathons and triathlons throughout our entire training period. He often seemed to know instinctively what I needed to get stronger as a runner through both good and bad workout days. My strength improved substantially every month that we trained together. Scott’s attention to my form and lifting technique allowed me to avoid injuries as I added weight and more reps to my exercises. He would tweak our training plan each week to keep it fresh, challenging and relevant. Scott and I spent a great deal of our time together discussing the link between training and nutrition. He is incredibly knowledgeable about nutrition strategies for strength and wellness. Scott executes these strategies every day with his own dietary approach and openly shares what works for him and what has been less successful. I was disappointed that I had to stop my training sessions with Scott because of scheduling conflicts and Scott’s intense focus on preparing for a full ironman event in the summer of 2024. I wish him all the best with his preparations and hope to continue training with him soon. Until then, I will try to build on all that I have absorbed from Scott.

John M.

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